18 March 2012

Looooooong pan

Hollywood just rose this pan on a 2,000 mile trip. Super rad

10 March 2012

Murph the dog wisperer

Dogs attract to murph just like the ladies.

More progress

Today was engine day. I wanted to polish the rocker boxes and the cam cover and then it snowballed from there. Turns out she was running a bit rich but the pistons and cylinder walls look great. SeƱor Panzer is hooking me up with hydrahoning so thanks to him for that. Replace the piston ring and clean her up and she will be together again next Saturday. I didn't get pics of the jig progress but it's almost done so once that happens we will be off to the races wich is good news for anyone looking to hard tail there frame as Mobtown cycle will soon be able to make that happen