30 April 2012

Delayed progress: 79 shovel

So i am a bit behind with the posts but i Had a bunch of photos that needed to be posted. Got the shovel engine buttoned up and ready to drop in the frame, it cleaned up great. Below are Some pics of us lapping the valves , shimming the rocker arms , Murph sealin the inside of his tranny, prepping crush washers and whatever else you see. Fender is in and I have the petcock ready to install on the tank so there will be some good fabrication photos to come. Going to be doing some molding on both the fender and the tank with 1/4 steel rod. Also I am going to make a steel run to grab 5/8ths stainless rod for my sissy bar. Once the jig is done this shovel head project will start to roll on.

29 April 2012

Another pan finds a home

And for the time being that home is my living room. 49 pan project on the horizon ???? We think yes! Oley was a killer swap lots of cool shit lots of shit I have never seen. Not sure my pockets will handle another trip next year but for now I am ecstatic to be a pan owner. Murph and I are starting a 49 pan owners club. Apply in person at Mobtown cycle

22 April 2012


If your shit looks like this.... you may want to stop by the shop and get if fixed.... just saying

13 April 2012