16 November 2011

Bitchin softail for sale

(UPDATED: 14 JAN 2012 - SOLD)

Who's got two thumbs and a need for a shovel head but needs to sell his super sweet softie before that can happen???? You guessed! THIS GUY!!!! Buy this mofracker!!! $6,000 in unmarked bills, call for the current exchange rate if you want to pay in peso's, dinar, or rupies! Machado- 443.745.4679

12 November 2011

'79 Shovelhead FOR SALE

(UPDATED: 14 JAN 2012 - SOLD)

$5500 FIRM
Stop by the shop and see Tim or Murph if interested

Quarter-Turn Throttles

Complete set (of 3 pieces) for $200
Knurled Aluminum

These can be purchased on our online store.... better hurry - only two sets left.

06 November 2011

We'll miss you Tyler... and your little hands

Had great times last night at Tyler's "going off to the Air Force" party last night. Big thanks to all who showed.  We'll miss you buddy.... don't drop the soap in the shower and we'll see you when you get back!