31 May 2012

Pure sex

Don't get me wrong, when I decided to start building this Shovel I knew it was gonna be good.... But this is no longer good, this is EPIC! A lot of good guys involved in this build, a lot of ppl I can't thank enough.  Its really coming together now.   This weekend is gonna be an exciting day of buttoning things up for mock up.  Hopefully soon we will be stripping for paint and chrome.


30 May 2012

Dreams do come true ...

A shitload of progress on the shovel! More this weekend

Shaved jugs

Mobtown can shave your jugs for race applications stop in or call!!

21 May 2012

79 frame photos

'79 Frame all tacked up!

Saturday was a quiet day at the shop for the most part.  Tim and I flew solo most of the day with a couple of surpise visits.  Tim and I dove into the frame with a goal of getting it all tacked up by close of business, i thought this may have been a bit ambitious but no shit, there i was 4:15 with the frame all tacked up.

Ron is going to go through and get all the finish welding done and we will be off into fabbing a few things up and then mock up!

Pics to follow.

15 May 2012

79 shovel project.

Tj got the frame jig ready to go ( thanks my man) and we are off. Got everything bolted in and started cutting. Got the bottom rails ready to tack in place and we are workin on the uppers. I can't thank Ron enough for the help welding. This man does more with 8 fingers than others do with 10.