20 February 2012

79 shovel. More front end

Spent some of presidents day getting aquatinted with a new friend the polishing wheel. Aside from the tubes front end is now good to go.

19 February 2012

The making of a narrow wide glide 79 shovel project

So I scored a set of 39mm trees at the swap on the cheap and decided to run 41mm tubes on them. My father in law has a killer setup in his basement so I headed over there for some machine work. Ended up with a great finish in the bore and the 41mm tubes fit great. Just orders a set of 4over tubes so the front end is almost finished up. Spending some time on the polishing wheel with the sliders and will post pics of the progress

04 February 2012

More progress on the 79 shovel

Big thanks to Ron for his welding and the magic of Tim and Murph on thought and execution. We got the tank tightened up a bit more. Stash tube complete and looks bitchen. Don't take my word for it. Take a look for yourself. Have all the components for the hard tail, but that will have to wait until after the timmonium don't forget to stop by our spot and visit.