29 November 2009

The 16th "Night of 100 ELVISes"

more info at: Night of 100 ELVISes

Vintage Mutoscope cards

Joe brought in some of his collection of old Mutoscope cards.

Mutoscope cards 5.25" x 3.25" cards, usually of "pin-up" material, published during the 1940s by the International Mutoscope Reel Company and other firms. They are not individual pictures from mutoscope reels and have no connection whatsoever to the mutoscope motion-picture device. All carry the inscription "A Mutoscope card." They were sold from coin-operated vending machines in places such as amusement parks.

Joe found a bunch of these cards and we'll post a few of 'em every so often... so check back regularly.

09 November 2009

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the "Fall of the Berlin Wall"....

....we'll be selling the famous Harley-Davidson of Russia t-shirt for 8 buck-a-roos! Yep, you read it right... stop on by the shop a pick up a couple.

This design was actually made back in the day during the 'cold war'. It was reprinted because it's so freakin' cool! Own your own piece of capitalistic pride... and thank you comrade.


07 November 2009

Looking for that perfect Boston Terrier?

Stop by the shop and talk to Tim. He's got one female left. Get her before she's gone!

04 November 2009

Mobtown Shoptruck

how Mobtown does a bagger

Our bro Paul Wilson owns this baby... I'm gonna have to have him sell it to me when (and if) he ever gets tired of it!

the Mobtown Barbershop

Murph getting his ears shorten compliments of Tim