30 November 2010

Killer photo by the fantastic Deb... obviously a great trip as we are still posting pics months later..

10 November 2010

Gypsy Run 4

This year I was able to get some of the Bmore crew to stop playing grab ass and hit the road.

Deb Fitch came armed with her camera and took an ass load of photos (see some of her stuff here http://dfitchphotography.zenfolio.com/ ) support her art and buy her goods.

A good portion of her GR photos can be seen in Lowside Issue #3 (can be purchased here http://lowside.bigcartel.com/ )

However, there were just too many great photos and it would be impossible to put them all in print.

But here is a peek of what you missed, and a few photos Deb took ....

Pick up Lowside #3 as soon as the issue is available and you will see more.

Or- attend the damn run and experience it for yourself.

Much love to Mobtown Cycle for providing us gypsies with a trailer, tools, and Murph.

Much love to Walter for putting on the run, and all the sponsors and support crew who helped make it all happen...

Gypsy Run 4

More GR 4 photos ala Deb

Gypsy Run 4

'66 Shovelhead

09 November 2010



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