15 January 2011

H-D Vintage Patent Stickers

SCAM! Don't get duped!! H-D Fire Extinguishers

Have you seen this scam on ebay??? There's about 3 guys currently selling "official Harley-Davidson" Fire Extinguishers. These extinguishers were made by Presto back in the day and were in cars as well as on motorcycles. It's like going into your local H-D dealership today and buying something out of the Drag Specialties catalog. Harley NEVER had a "Fire Extinguisher" sticker on it. As a matter of fact, we contacted the guy and he makes them himself. He fabricated the sticker using the vintage Harley patent sticker as a guide.

This Fire Extinguisher which our seller claims as an "Official HARLEY-DAVIDSON" fire extinguisher - recently sold for $154.50!!!!!

click here for link

Here's more that he's sold for over a hundred bucks (link)

WHY PEOPLE????!!!!

Search out "Presto fire extinguisher" on Ebay and you'll discover they are going for $20 - $40. If you want the sticker - you can buy it from this guy for $15.95 plus s/h.

Here's the Presto F.E.'s - Look familiar???

Ever notice in the Ebay photos they show you the BACK of the box???? That's because the front of the box says "PRESTO" and they don't want you (the sucker) to know about it!!!! Or you would be buying Presto Fire Extinguishers, then tearing off the label, and applying your own "vintage H-D" sticker on it.

Don't get us wrong. We don't want you to think that we are against you putting a cool vintage part like this on your bike. What we are flippin' mad about is that there's folks out there paying over a $100 for this part. Don't be stupid. Do your homework. And if your reading this and you're the guy who bought the f.e. for $154.50.... well... we have some land we'd like to sell you. Give us a call.

If you're "cliffy45" and is reading this? Hats off to you my evil friend... you found a niche of suckers willing to fight and pay lots of money for your little scam.

I love these below.... Like H-D really made a "100 Anniversary" Fire Extinguisher, or HOG, or well... you get the idea. I'm waiting for the all black "Dork Custom" fire extinguisher... that'll be coming soon I hope!

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