28 May 2009

Smoke Out 10: Sunday

Sunday morning.... myself, Murph, Rich, and Jeff. We headed out around 8am. Was dry for a little while, then we either caught the rain or the rain caught us. All we know is that we were soaking wet. Rain was coming down so hard, it made it impossible to see. After pulling over quite a few times and for countless hours waiting for the rain to slow down, we finally got out of North Carolina around 3pm.

Rich caught a nail before we got to Richmond, Virginia. Lucky for us, Tim & Company were behind us with the trailer. We pulled Paul's bike off and did a swap. Also, the rain stopped around Richmond, which meant smooth sailing all the way back to Baltimore.

Murph's Lazy-boy solo seat

8:45pm we made it back into B-more. Tired, cold, we took the pride of knowing we rode down AND back to Smoke Out. Murph's rigid ironhead made it all the way. Rich's shovel was rolling good until the nail... 
Other notables that rode back as well: Cliff, Wild Bill, and Bobby

Good times! We'll do it again next year! 

26 May 2009

Smoke Out 10: Saturday

Saturday!!!! Murph didn't even have time to put back an OJ and put his shoes on before someone stopped him to work on their bike!!

Barefoot Mechanic on duty

getting ready for the roll out to the Smoke Out. Chariti was ready to go after a 3 hour nap.

the Mobtown crew rolling to the Smoke Out
George and Wild Bill.... givin' the "we're number 1" sign
George thinking about entering the wet t-shirt contest

the "Dirty Sanchez"
Murph on the ground (again)
the "Stubby Lawless"
Little Bastard
the Turd
the Heinee

the "Junior G-man"
Chariti and the Little Bastard

mmmmmm donuts

George the Painter talking with George the Painter
the Baker bike
i want this

when you get the case of the "munchies"... 
Tim and Chariti

Wet t-shirt contest turned into a soft porn shoot... we weren't complaining

Hammer introducing the guys who did the coast-to-coast ride... Charlie came in 1st this time!

Murph doing a little "illegal" burnout next to the tent. The crowd loved it.... the staff: not so much

we've seen enough... time to roll out

back at the hotel drying out


before: with no bubble
after: with bubble
hey we were in the truck.... what rain???

Chariti got a "little" sun
dinner at the Scottish Inn

Mrs. Joe our waitress... what a good sport!

oh shit... Karaoke???

Murph showin the locals how to do the Electric slide!!!