28 March 2011

Fugazi - Waiting Room

How rad was the '80's?? You don't see this anymore.

Reading, PA - Bike Show/Swap Meet

Murph - out on a Victory Lap

We had a great time at the swap meet/bike show. A lot of nice rides and a lot of little jewels were found. Our friends from Freak Out the Squares, Death Science, and Lowside showed up as well - making for one great event. Come on out with us next year with us or we'll see you there.

17 March 2011


A toast to our friends!!

"Here is to Adam and here is to Eve that taught the world to fuck, heres to the bee that stung the bull that got the world to buck, heres to you and heres to me the best of friends we will ever be, and if we ever disagree fuck you and here is to me!!"


15 March 2011

Fresh Pain

When everything goes to shit...get tattooed!

My new piece is gonna be sweet when it's done

By my buddy Dan Edel @ Daddy Dice

Don't try this at home

Admin note: we don't install motorcycle tires this way

06 March 2011


Mona deLux had something of a coming out in Taboo No.1 and the response to that was pretty significant. Then in our survey on special editions we threw her name in the mix and again a ton of YES feedback came our way. She and the talented Candylust shot this set (yes there's more) exclusively FOR RETRO LOVELY. They planned and created this Bardot-esque shoot with you our supporters in mind. When we saw the photos we couldn't resist this one as the cover (not finalized at this point) We hoped to have Taboo Edition No.2 in March, to be fair, and to do a good job we think this will need to shift into April. Visit Mona's page here: http://www.facebook.com/ilikemonadelux


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