30 March 2009

Look at the size of those helmets!!!

A note from John Jordan:

Come with me to yesterday… when men were men and bikers were bikers. When you went hell ridin’ with your bros and your old lady wasn’t ridin’ next to you (that’s for sure), and in all probability, she WASN’T EVEN WITH YOU! And if you drank a beer and road your scooter home… it wasn’t the end of the fucking world! 

Any how, my point aint to bash gals and fuck the law, but to make a point. And the point is that I’ve been printin’ t-shirts since the sixties and have the oldest and largest collection of genuine biker style shirts still being printed in the fuckin’ world… so how you like that!  I was a part of one of the first chopper shops on the east coast (oddly called East Coast Custom). I printed some of the first chopper shop shirts in the fuckin country and if you look at some early photos, the only shirt on everyone is a Tom Downey shirt. That’s because there weren’t any other shirts! Hell, Harley-Davidson didn’t even have a shirt! I know because I sold them some of their first shirts before they licensed their shirts. 25 years later, they tried to put a big one up my ass (but that’s a whole nother story)…!!!! 

So when your putting your look together and trying to go “old school”, get it right with some authentic apparel from the people that lived it, breathed it, shit it, and loved it! My old saying was “printed by bikers – for bikers” and it still is! So scoop some up. One things for sure… you’ll have the genuine goods on ya!


Tell a friend and see ya!

John Jordan

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03 March 2009